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Black Crinkle Paper Shred • Crinkle Cut Basket Filler (9oz)

February Design

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Crinkle Cut™ Paper Shreds AKA "Spring Fill" or "Zig Fill". This filler is highly recommended for medium to heavy weight items. Great for baskets, boxes, bags, containers and nested boxes.

These paper shreds are made from 100% recycled papers. Without recycling, waste paper would be dumped into a landfill. With recycling, we help to reduce our carbon footprint, less wastes added to landfills and saves our forests. So, feel good about using them =)

• Each shred is approximately 1/8" wide.
• What you will get is approx. 9 oz of gray paper shreds, like a very tightly packed gallon ziploc bag (See last image for example)
• 100% Recycled Papers.
• Made in the USA.

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