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Poppy Drink Flake Sticker (40 pieces) Mind Wave Favorite Seal

Mind Wave

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Mind Wave Favorite Seal Summer Drink Flake Sticker like smoothie, milk, soda, fruit punch & etc.

Fun stickers for any and every occasion! Use these stickers every day on planner, cards, photo album, frames, gift wrap, stationery, scrapbook pages, lunch bags, calendars and more to personalize your world.

• Total 40 pieces
• Package Size : H130 x W90 x D6mm 
• Seal Size : H25x W25mm inside
• Material : Mirakoto (40 Pcs)
• Hologram Hot Seal : 5 Pattern x 4 Pcs Each 
• Rami Processing Seal : 5 Pattern x 4 Pcs Each


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